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finn  +  apologising

Apologising seems to be extremely important to Finn. Even in cases when he wasn’t at fault (Archie’s date), or when he tells Rae he can’t bear to be just friends with her, he still feels the need to apologise about possibly hurting her feelings. As for Chloe, Finn could have just told her “look, I was drunk, whatever happened happened, sorry but I see you as a friend” but he explained to her his entire “you should never really kiss someone unless you really mean it” concept, and then said he was sorry AGAIN, admitting he fucked up. And even though Chloe acted like it was okay, he went on to say “I felt bad.” before she cut him off. He wasn’t gonna drop it until they were alright. With Big G, Finn didn’t settle for punching and scaring him away, he wanted to hear him apologise to Rae because he hurt her feelings. There’s so much depth in Finn’s character and his tendency to hold himself responsible for things and take the blame is a very dominant part of his personality (and I believe this stems from his mum leaving). I think that Finn hasn’t had it easy, that’s why he’s so introverted when it comes to his feelings and is in a constant state of guilt. But through the hard times, he’s become this honest, righteous boy, who will admit to his mistakes and apologise, who will not shit with your feelings and will always stick up for his loved ones. I don’t know where I’m going with this, but shoutout to Gary and grandma Nelson for raising this fella.

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"—El reloj miente.
—¿Por qué piensas eso?
—No dura lo mismo una hora contigo, que una hora sin ti."

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Amo esta peli <3 Es taaaaan taaaan el ajja

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